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ArcelorMittal's Long products showcases automotive developments at NEMU 2015

Last May ArcelorMittal Europe – Long products participated in the “New developments in forging technology” conference, also known as NEMU (Neuere Entwicklungen in der Massivumformung) near Stuttgart (Germa­ny).

The international conference is organised every 2 years by the Institute for Metal Forming Technology (IFU) in collaboration with the Forschungsgesellschaft Umformtechnik mbH Stutt­gart (FGU). About 300 engineers from industry, academia and numerous research institutions from all over the world had the opportunity to exchange re­cent state-of-the-art knowledge and to discuss modern trends in forging technology, during technical presentations and exhibition sessions.

Picture above: Gear box exposed by ZF

Joining this important event was an excellent opportunity for ArcelorMittal Europe to:

  • Network with customers, suppliers and colleagues
  • Share innovative ideas on technology
  • Discuss the new trends and developments in the automotive industry

This year, the conference strongly focused on particular and special practical solutions in cold and warm forging arising from present technological market require­ments. Forging technologies are supporting valid and approved solutions in a more and more globalizing competition and energy rising costs environment. 

On the picture: Mercedes Benz exhibited a rear axle of a 4-wheel drive car (some part/material couples observed: wheel hub in steel, sheet in stainless steel, steering arm and steering knuckle in aluminium).

Around the booths, informal meetings took place between all actors close to the forging community:  forgers, suppliers and customers.  During the technical sessions, speakers shared with their attentive audience their view, progress and developments on:

  • Automotive power train evolution and megatrends
  • Lightweight forging
  • Products and future perspectives in forging technology
  • Process simulation
  • Damage and failures in forging
  • Materials
  • Heat treatment and evolution of their microstructure
  • Die technology and process engineering
  • Metal forming under special conditions
  • Control loops in forging technology
  • Products and future prospective in cold forging

On the ArcelorMittal stand, international attendees showed interest in our Bars and Rods and Automotive Products offers as well as our new high strength grades specially developed for the parts produced by forging technology.