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Webinar: S-in motion® Chassis solutions


Watch this webinar to discover examples of ArcelorMittal's best-in-class steel grades for chassis applications

The live webinar took place on December 5, 2018 - 15:00 (CEST). You can watch the recorded version here.

 The webinar covers ArcelorMittal’s S-in motion® Chassis study which has identified potential mass savings of up to 20%. As part of the study, specific assessments have been conducted on formability, weldability, and fatigue. The study also considered ArcelorMittal's AHSS grades including ferro-bainitic, complex phase, and press hardenable steels. The result is an optimized balance between weight, performance, and affordable cost.




This webinar is presented by Ahmed Belhadj, Elie Gibeau and Marie-Thérèse Perrot-Simonetta:

Elie Gibeau, Research Engineer

Elie Gibeau has worked for ArcelorMittal Global R&D for seven years. He specializes in the development of automotive steel solutions. Elie is an expert in ArcelorMittal’s steel grades for chassis applications including control arms and subframes.


Ahmed Belhadj, New Product Manager

Ahmed Belhadj has worked in automotive product development for ArcelorMittal Global R&D for 13 years. As the New Product Manager, he is in charge of the development and promotion of coatings as well as cold rolled complex phase, dual phase, and martensitic grades. Ahmed is also in charge of AHSS hot rolled products such dual phase, ferrite bainitic, and complex phase steels.


Marie-Therese Perrot-Simonetta, Product Development Manager 

Marie-Therese Perrot-Simonetta has worked for ArcelorMittal for 23 years as an expert in Longs Products. During her career, she has worked in Quality and Continuous Casting as Technical Manager and in Global R&D as Head of Process Department and Expert in Steel grades for Forging. She has joined the Sales and Marketing team four years ago, and is in charge of product development of bars and rods for automotive.​


Watch the recorded version of the webinar

A recorded version of this webinar is available, you can watch it now by clicking here.