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Presenting lightweight solutions at Megatrends India

ArcelorMittal on stage at the Automotive Megatrends India conference in Pune (India) on 2 and 3 December 2015

Automotive Megatrends India brought together the key players of the passenger car and commercial vehicle industries of today with the innovators and game-changers of the lightweight, efficient, connected automotive world of tomorrow. At this occasion, Frederic Painchault - head of automotive marketing and business development at ArcelorMittal - presented our global ‘Steel solutions to answer fuel emission and crash test regulations challenges’. 

Set in Pune, one of the heartlands of India’s automotive industry, Automotive Megatrends India focused this year on Commercial Vehicle (Dec 2) Powertrain Innovation, Freight Efficiency and Lightweighting & Manufacturing and Passenger Car (Dec 3) Powertrain Innovation, Connectivity and Lightweighting & Manufacturing.  

Frederic Painchault's presentation covered: 

  • The evolution of fuel emission and crash safety requirements of the global automotive industry, with a special focus on India
  • ArcelorMittal wide range of globally available S-in motion® lightweight steel solutions
  • ArcelorMittal's unique position as a global steel producer to supply to global carmakers - and their global platforms - around the world

Preparing for global platforms and increased safety

In a recent interview with Automotive World, ArcelorMittal's Vice President of Global Automotive Brian Aranha estimates the percentage of vehicles built on global platforms will grow from 46% in 2014 to 63% by 2016. “We have to be sure we can provide our products on a worldwide basis,” says Brian Aranha. “Many OEM design centres today are based in a single location, whether Japan, Europe, China or the US, and those centres will look to design a platform that can be exported worldwide. They’ll look to get the same materials everywhere.”

ArcelorMittal boosts automotive-related production in emerging markets, with increased activity in its Chinese joint venture (JV) facilities and plans to expand in India. 

Significant growth is predicted in Indian vehicle production, which could nearly double from 3.6 million units in 2014 to 6.9 million units in 2022 – an increase of 93%. This growth is attractive, but what’s also got materials suppliers excited is the introduction of stringent new safety standards in a country that thus far has lagged behind the West.

New regulations, coupled with the introduction of emissions standards, will require stronger bodies, rigid frames and improved crushability. This in turn will mean dramatic increases in demand for high strength, lightweight steels. “Local manufacturers in the Indian market mostly use steels with a strength of 590 mega pascals (MPA) or less for the local manufacturers. International OEMs which export from India have a smaller share of the market, but are required to build to international standards. Once those international standards are introduced into India as well, we’ll have more opportunities there,” he said.