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Long product offer for automotive on show at Wire and Tube 2016

Lighter, stronger and more affordable thanks to innovative use of long products

ArcelorMittal Europe – Long Products showcased some of its breakthrough products for the automotive industry during the recent 2016 global “Wire and Tube” trade fair in Düsseldorf (Germany).

The breakthrough products include Solam® B1100 forging steel which can be utilised for the production of heavy parts with a diameter between 30 and 110 mm. Also on show was FreeForm® M1500 H2, an ultra high strength engine steel with improved hydrogen resistance.

Solam® B1100: lighter, stronger and easier

Solam® B1100 is a high strength steel for heavy vehicle parts with an equivalent diameter of 30 to 110 mm.

Possible applications:

  • Font axle beams
  • Steering arms
  • Steering knuckles

After hot forging, Solam® B1100 has an ultimate tensile strength of at least 1,100 MPa. No further heat treatment is required, eliminating austenitisation, quenching and tempering steps used in traditional processes.

Solam® B1100 can be supplied as round or square bars and offers good toughness and weldability. It also offers significant weight savings. An S-in motion® study of a C-segment vehicle showed that the weight of the steering knuckle could be reduced by 19% if cast iron was replaced with Solam® B1100.


Front axle beams can be made lighter and stronger with Solam® B1100


Replacing cast iron with Solam® B1100 reduced the weight of this steering knuckle by 19%

High strength steels for suspension and fastening systems

ArcelorMittal also introduced Solam® M2050 S-Cor during the 2016 Wire and Tube show. Specifically designed to lighten suspension applications, Solam® M2050 S-Cor can reduce the weight of springs by 20%. It also offers increased resistance to corrosion.

Solam® M2050 has an ultimate tensile strength of 2,050 MPa and improved fatigue resistance compared to the standard grade 54SiCrV6.

Solam® M2050 S-Cor, specifically designed to lighten the suspension, increased resistance to corrosion

FreeForm® M1500H2 for ultra high strength engine bolts

Another product on show was FreeForm® M1500H2 which is designed for ultra high strength engine bolts. The steel has improved hydrogen resistance, perfect for the highly corrosive atmospheres which occur around engines and powertrains.

FreeForm® M1500H2 has an ultimate tensile strength of around 1,500 MPa, although lower values can be obtained by varying the tempering temperature. FreeForm® M1500H2 also exhibits high fatigue resistance.

These properties make FreeForm® M1500H2 the ideal steel for applications such as:

  • Con-rod cap screws
  • Crankshaft bearings
  • Engine flywheels
  • Cylinder head bolts
  • Differentials
  • Bolts for suspension and transmission systems

 Freeform® M1500H2, for ultra-high strength engine bolts with improved hydrogen resistance