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  • Electrifying efficiency

    Partnering with JMAG for better electrical machine simulations

ArcelorMittal electrical steel data used in state-of-the-art machine design simulation software

New partnership with JMAG sees ArcelorMittal electrical steels included in world’s most advanced modelling tool

Berlin, May 2016 – ArcelorMittal has announced its electrical steel data will be available to use in JMAG simulation software used to design electrical machines.

The cooperation with JMAG, announced at the Coil Winding Expo CWIEME in Berlin this week, offers a unique opportunity for electrical machine manufacturers to shorten the lead time of their new designs, reduce the number of prototypes and decrease overall development costs. It will also offer an in-depth look into the physics of cutting-edge electrical machine designs.

Explaining the significance of the partnership, Dr Takashi Yamada, product leader at JMAG said: “High quality material data is essential for our customers to make successful simulations. Obtaining genuine material information from leading steel manufacturers is one of the key drivers of our strategy.

“ArcelorMittal’s leading range of electrical steels, its geographical presence and its advanced engineering skills including material modelling for finite element analysis made it key for us to integrate them into our software.”

The two companies established their cooperation in 2015. The new simulation data allows a more efficient design of electric motors, generators and transformers.

“The development of electric vehicles is happening fast in Europe. Integrating our electromagnetic steel data into the tool allows faster and more accurate simulations for applications such as hybrid cars or 100% electrical vehicles”, explained Sigrid Jacobs, portfolio director for electrical steels at ArcelorMittal Global R&D.

Furthermore, using JMAG fosters communication between manufacturer’s engineers and ArcelorMittal R&D specialists, who can assist them with advanced material characterization data, an in-house loss model and expertise in areas such as mechanical behaviour, punching or machine assembly techniques.

Growing demand for efficient electrical motors

Demand for highly efficient electrical motors is growing rapidly. The main drivers behind this growth are increased demand for electric vehicles and new regulations on machine efficiency. To achieve these targets, a complete redesign of electrical machines is necessary. This includes new geometries, new materials, and new types of machine.
Picture: Improved mechanical stress calculations in JMAG allow designers to create smaller electrical machines 

Why ArcelorMittal?

JMAG selected ArcelorMittal as a partner due to our advanced research work, especially in modelling finite elements analysis. “ArcelorMittal’s geographical presence is also important for us, especially in the development of electrical vehicles,” explains Dr Yamada, product leader for JMAG. “ArcelorMittal’s electrical steels are primarily produced in Europe, where electric vehicle development is proceeding very quickly. Through our partnership, JMAG can offer the most advanced and accurate level of simulation for hybrid and fully electric vehicles.”

JMAG includes many modules and features which allow designers to analyse the electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical aspects of machines. This allows manufacturers to create compact machines with higher power density. Data on magnetic and electrical fields, stress distribution, vibration, and a range of other criteria can be analysed.
Picture: example of a motor model created in the JMAG software

“You can even integrate the control mechanisms required to drive the machine into the JMAG modelling tool. Using other software, this step has to be done manually,” explains Sigrid Jacobs, electrical steels portfolio director for ArcelorMittal Global R&D.


iCARe® electrical steels for mobility

While JMAG now includes details of ArcelorMittal’s fully processed grades, our range of iCARe® electrical steels for automotive is far more extensive.

Produced at ArcelorMittal Saint-Chély d’Apcher (France), the range includes:
• iCARe® Save: steels with very low losses
• iCARe® Torque: steels with high permeability
• iCARe® Speed: steels for high-speed rotors

More info about our iCARe® range of electrical steels for automotive