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Role of corrosion products in corrosion mechanisms of ZnMgAl coatings on steel

On September 10th, Polina Volovitch from ParisTech and Christian Allély from ArcelorMittal Global R&D, will give a speech at the European Corrosion Congress "Eurocorr 2014” in Pisa.

The presentation will explain that the best strategy to improve the life time of metallic coated steel is to maximize the barrier resistance while maintaining a sufficient galvanic effect. This strategy is at the origin of the development of zinc-magnesium-aluminium coated steels in ArcelorMittal (ZnMg3wt.%Al3.7wt.%: Magnelis® for construction market & ZagnelisTM for automotive industry).

Detailed information on the corrosion mechanisms will be given, showing that the outstanding corrosion properties of ZnMgAl are explained on the basis of the formation of insoluble corrosion products acting as protective barriers against the corrosive environments.

More information:

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ZagnelisTM – Double-sided ZnMgAl galvanized steel
Magnelis® – An innovative coating that offers protection in the harshest environments