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S-in motion® steel solutions

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  • S-in motion®

    Steel solutions for lighter cars

S-in motion®, the power of lightweight steel solutions

S-in motion® in a few words

  • Saving weight
  • Safer cars
  • Sustainable
  • Strength
  • Steel solutions

S-in motion® is a set of steel solutions developed by ArcelorMittal for carmakers who wish to create lighter, safer and more environmentally friendly vehicles. It includes a range of steel solutions that can be used to make cars lighter at the most affordable cost. ArcelorMittal's generic steel solutions include solutions for BIW, closures, chassis parts and seats.


In motion

ArcelorMittal's S-in motion® range launched in 2010 with a set of steel solutions for C-segment vehicles. Since then the range of solutions has been expanded and now covers many other types of vehicles and vehicle parts, including hybrid and electric vehicles, pick-up trucks, mid-size sedans and SUVs.

The most affordable way to save weight

The original S-in motion® C-segment Vehicle has travelled around the world since 2011, with 34 customer events and close to 10,000 registered customer visitors. Many vehicles on the road today are inspired by the S-in motion®steel solutions developed by ArcelorMittal.


  • S-in motion® solutions help carmakers design cars with the smallest carbon footprint and lowest cost.
  • S-in motion® clearly shows that ArcelorMittal already has solutions that can meet the needs of today’s carmakers.
  • Modern steel solutions are also surprisingly lightweight and flexible, offering superior stamping performance.
  • S-in motion® savings were proven through a cost-analysis of each solution.
  • Forming and assembly simulations were conducted to assess risks and prove that an S-in motion® solutions could be serially produced.
  • The most enterprising engineers are working with ArcelorMittal on the design solutions of tomorrow.

S-in motion® webinar

S-in motion® Mid-size Sedan and SUV platform solutions

Click here to view the S-in motion® Mid-size Sedan/SUV webinar

This webinar presentation highlights the impressive weight savings by using new advanced steel products and solutions, including products that are available now or in the near future.

To view this webinar, please just register via the following above, and you will be able to view a recorded version of the 40-minute webinar.