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Worldwide product availability

When the ArcelorMittal Group was set up, one of its major initiatives in the automotive sector was to draw up a worldwide catalogue covering the product range in the various regions in which the Group operates. This document shows:

  1. the very broad ArcelorMittal product offering, ranging from IF steels for deep drawing to very high strength hot stamped Usibor® steels;
  2. the worldwide availability of a large number of widely used products and in particular a broad offering available in both North America and Europe;
  3. ongoing development aimed at further extending the availability of the worldwide product offering.

Products shown as being available in different regions do not necessarily have identical metallurgy. Customers interested in these products should contact their technical support structure about local mechanical property and chemical guarantees.


ArcelorMittal R&D has pooled its available resources in the various regions. This enables new products to be developed simultaneously and consistently, reduces development times and ensures optimization of metallurgical choices. ArcelorMittal applies this ambitious product policy in order to offer its automotive sector customers strong support for their worldwide development.

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