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About our products

Product definition


Ultra high strength steels

Steels for hot stamping - Usibor® and Ductibor®
Steels for cold stamping - Fortiform®
MartINsite® steels

Advanced high strength steels

Dual Phase steels
TRIP (TRansformation Induced Plasticity) steels
Complex Phase steels
Hot rolled ferrite-bainite steels

High yield and tensile strength

High strength low alloy (HSLA) steels for cold forming
Bake hardening steels
High strength IF steels
Solid solution steels

Drawing steels

High formability steels for drawing

Zinc coatings and thin organic coatings

Extragal® double-sided pure zinc galvanized steels
Galvannealed zinc-iron alloy coated steels
Zagnelis® Protect - Double-sided ZnMgAl galvanized steels
Zagnelis® Surface - Double-sided ZnMgAl galvanized steels
Steels coated with galfan zinc-aluminium alloy
Electrogalvanized sheet coated on one or both sides
Surface treatments
Thin Organic Coatings (TOCs)
Jetgal® - Cold stamping steels coated with zinc from an innovative and environmentally friendly process

Aluminized steels

Steels coated with Alusi®, an aluminum-silicon alloy: general points
Steels coated with Alusi® aluminum-silicon alloy: specific applications


iCARe®: ArcelorMittal’s range of electrical steels for automotive
iCARe® Save
iCARe® Torque
iCARe® Speed
Coatings for iCARe®
Advanced technical support for iCARe®

Tailored blanks

Laser welded blanks for cold stamping
Laser welded blanks for hot stamping
Unwelded blanks - Die cut blanks
Unwelded blanks - Laser cut blanks

Tailored blanks applications

Door ring
Rear ring
Front door module
Front side member - cold stamping
Front side member - hot stamping
Twist beam
Rear side member

Services and additional products

A range of technical services to support product selection
Finishing: Auto Processing
Multi-thickness laser welded blanks: Tailored Blanks

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