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Unwelded blanks - Die cut blanks


High productivity is reached thanks to our press capacity and our know-how in blanking technology

Net shaped blanks and near-net-shape blanks (reduced need for surface finishing) are a challenge for respecting the needed tolerances and realizing a good material use of the coil. We can reach high cutting speeds even for very high strength steels thanks to our press capacity. Our long-years expertise in minimizing technological scrap with support of modern software tools as well as our competencies in blanking dies design can help our customers to achieve important savings.


You can rely on the expertise of our Tooling team to provide you the best solution with an optimized material utilization

Our presses can be equipped with large tools that enable cutting of shaped blanks and together with optimized nesting solutions they allow high productivity. Most of our presses are also equipped with swinging shears that enable cutting of trapezoidal and rectangular parts with high productivity and low costs.

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