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Unwelded blanks - Laser cut blanks


Laser cut blanks are cutting edge solutions for your product design

Laser-cutting is a very flexible possibility to realize shaped blanks for immediate or subsequent use as stamping workpiece. No hard tooling (dies) is necessary avoiding high investment and reducing production time (no design phase and production of the dies).


Laser-cutting also ensures quality for your product providing a better edge quality and an improved formability.


Press Blanking

Our automated cutting lines are very flexible and precise consisting of 3 dedicated lines:

  • Line 1: Exposed parts: Automatic Part Handling → Avoid scratches
  • Line 2: Spot Business: Flexible setup → Reactivity
  • Line 3: High volume orders: Fiber Laser → High speed

Based on advances in productivity mainly due to cutting speed and high automation grade, the laser-cutting is cost-effective not only for small series, but also to production ranges up to 100,000 blanks per year. Please contact us to calculate the most advantageous technology for each part.


All applications with exposed or non-exposed surface aspects and with all steel grades including Usibor® and Fortiform® are available

For exposed panels, like body-sides, hoods..., our laser-cutting lines are optimized to minimize the handling and preserve the surface quality of the coil material.


For small series in the prototyping phase or during production launch laser cutting is an excellent solution. The same is valuable also for cars with limited production volumes like luxury cars, which sometimes also require large dimension blanks.


Net shaped blanks (reduced need for surface finishing) are cut with high precision and great flexibility without the need of investing in cutting dies.


Demanding “exposed parts” with best quality of the surface, like Body Sides Outer require an appropriate blank shape to facilitate a wrinklefree deep-drawing and an immaculate surface quality to assure a good appearance after painting.

Example of a body side outer laser cut part

A thickness range of 0.5 to 4.0 mm and sizes up to 2000 x 4000 mm are feasible. By automatic stacking, ready-to-use sheet stacks are delivered to our customers on the desired type of pallets. All steel grades in the ArcelorMittal portfolio can be processed.

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