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Door ring


The Hot Stamped Door ring combines the advantages of Hot stamping and Laser Welded Blank. This application enables to replace a 4 multi-parts assembly by one single part (One stamping tool and one stamping operation).


The Hot Stamped Door ring application offers:

  • Very high strength
  • Good formability
  • No spring back
  • Low residual stresses
  • Anti-corrosion performances

Such a application provide a significant amount of mass saving (via nesting and thickness optimization), but also cost saving through material optimization and cost reduction of tools.

This application provides a mass saving around 13 Kg (~20% of the BIW)

Another important advantage of the Hot Stamped Door ring is the crash management and improve the car’s safety. Such an improvement can be observed for different load cases:

  • Small overlap crash test
  • Side impact
  • Roll over

The industry’s first laser-welded hot-stamped side opening panel reinforcement (single piece door ring) debuted in the all new 2014 Acura MDX and received a 2014 Automotive News PACE Award. This innovation - the result of a global partnership between ArcelorMittal, Cosma International and Honda – contributed to significant weight reduction and improved safety performance.


Watch the video

On the above picture we can see the influence of the Hot Stamped Door Ring during the Small Overlap crash test.

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