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Jetgal® - Cold stamping steels coated with zinc from an innovative and environmentally friendly process


Jetgal® is a zinc coating deposited through the Jet Vapor Deposition process (JVD). JVD is an innovative vacuum deposition process developed by ArcelorMittal and the CRM Group. It offers, inter alia, the following benefits:

  • Hydrogen-free coating process
  • Environmentally friendly process: the lowest global warming potential of any industrial steel coating process
  • Suitable for any metallurgy: JVD can be used to coat all future ultra high strength steels


Due to their very good corrosion resistance, Jetgal® products are recommended for numerous applications in the automotive industry.


As zinc is applied from a vapour, JVD is the only pure zinc application process which can coat any surface:

  • All current and future steel grades, whatever their alloying content, can be coated using JV
  • As JVD is an hydrogen-free coating process, it avoids delayed cracking of UHSS with UTS >1000 MPa (UHSS)

Technical characteristics

The dimensional feasibility of Jetgal® coatings depends on the choice of steel substrate (see corresponding technical sheets) and on the manufacturing route involved.


Surface appearance 

The surface quality obtained meets the most stringent requirements regarding surface topography. Jetgal® coating does not change the initial roughness of the substrate.



The Jetgal® coating consists of pure zinc and is therefore ductile, enabling it to withstand large deformations. Suitable surface preparation prior to JVD ensures coating adhesion.



Cross section of a 7.5 x 7.5 µm Jetgal® coating (x 2500)

Surface appearance of Jetgal® coating (x 2000)

Coating thickness

Unless otherwise specified, the standard coating thicknesses offered are 5 and 7.5 µm per side; However, other thicknesses may be considered. Please consult us.

Coating process

The Jetgal® coating is obtained from the vacuum evaporation of zinc (JVD process). Thus, zinc coating is of very high purity. The absence of heating during the coating process enables Jetgal® coatings to be employed without restriction on virtually all the steel grades developed by ArcelorMittal for the automotive industry.

Layout of JVD process

Recommendations for use and secondary processing


Jetgal® coatings offer excellent corrosion protection, even when damaged (impact, scratches, gravel impingement), due to the sacrificial electrochemical behaviour of zinc with respect to iron.



Jetgal® coatings have excellent intrinsic formability, making them suitable for the most severe drawing operations.

The tribological behavior of Jetgal® coatings is slightly inferior to that of hot dip coatings, and for the most difficult parts can justify the use of an appropriate chemical surface treatment.

ArcelorMittal has a range of in-line surface treatments. Please consult us if necessary.



Jetgal® steels have a wide resistance spot welding range suited to industrial requirements.


Adhesive bonding

Like all zinc coatings, Jetgal® films show good adhesive bonding behavior, adhesion to the coating, adhesion of the coating to the metal and cohesion of the coating itself. The quality of bonding is determined essentially by the type of adhesive, the joining conditions, the nature of the protective oil and any chemical treatment that may have been performed.


Surface treatment

Jetgal® products coated on one or both sides can be phosphated and painted at the user's premises using all current processes.

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