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A range of technical services to support product selection

In the automotive industry, product selection is a complex optimization process involving:

  • overall vehicle specifications (dimensions and performance);
  • function of the part or sub-assembly;
  • shape complexity;
  • forming or joining processes;
  • cost imperatives.

The selection process is often the culmination of many years of experience both in the drawing office and on the shop floor, backed by a common approach across the entire industrial chain from design to production.

To support this process, ArcelorMittal has developed a set of competencies designed to:

  1. gain time during the design and engineering phases;
  2. ensure selection of the best product for each vehicle system;
  3. ensure efficient secondary processing throughout the industrial chain.

Specifically, ArcelorMittal has:

  • designed a set of generic (off-the-shelf) solutions illustrating, for each vehicle system:
    • the behavior and performance of its products;
    • the mass savings potential compared to reference solutions, based on design and secondary processing optimization;
    • economic positioning.
  • acquired state-of-the-art digital simulation tools to calculate the performance (crash, stiffness, etc.) of its solutions integrated in the complete vehicle. The software can also be used to validate the forming of specific parts;
  • developed a database comprising the full range of mechanical properties of its products. This static and dynamic data can be used in the calculation models. Our technical support team can provide access to the database;
  • made its experimental resources available to provide case-by-case answers to questions relating to feasibility and specific characterization;
  • set up dedicated secondary processing (forming, joining, etc.) teams. These teams of experts also use specific IT tools to optimize industrialization (for example, to take account of springback during part design);
  • acquired the capacity to rapidly provide, in small or large quantities, samples of its products (even those under development) for prototyping.

To deploy this range of competencies and resources, the dedicated ArcelorMittal automotive organization assigns Resident Engineers to work within or close to automaker and equipment manufacturer design centers. Resident Engineers liaise between automotive design engineers and ArcelorMittal's steel products and solutions experts to ensure that customers' technical requirements are met.

This customized technical support, tailored to each stage of the design process involving steel, is a unique asset enabling automotive manufacturers to rapidly introduce high-performance innovative steel solutions. The approach, based on partnership and widely deployed by ArcelorMittal, has proved highly effective in enhancing the value creation of the ArcelorMittal product range and thus enabling automakers to reduce their TCO*.

* Total Cost of Ownership

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