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Tailored blanks

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What is a tailored blank

Laser Welded Blanks offer an interesting compromise between:

  • Mass saving
  • Technical performance
  • Cost reduction 

A tailored blank is a sheet of steel that combines several grades and / or various thicknesses and / or different coatings, the different parts being laser welded together, in order to place the best material at the best place in the right thickness for a real “tailor-made” solution for the customer after stamping. Tailored blanks are nowadays especially in use in the automotive construction, for the body in white and the closures of a car.

Advantages of tailored blanks

Reduction of the weight of a monolithic part by maintaining the same technical performances:

  • Optimization of material use - reduction of material use and less scrap due to nesting
  • Gain in weight for the complete assembly
  • Right steel grade and material thickness where needed - tailor made solution for the part design and weight savings 

Increase the technical performances without increasing the weight:

  • Higher stiffness
  • Better energy absorption
  • Better crash behaviour

Simplification of the production process at the customer’s plant, thanks to:

  • Reduction of the number of parts
  • Reduction in the stamping and assembly tools needed
  • Shorter manufacturing process