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Tailored blanks

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Basic types of tailored blanks

Tailored blanks can have a simple geometry with linear welds or complex shape with non-linear welds. This type of tailored blank is used industrially for automotive body parts such as rails, floor and their cross members, body side and inners, A, B and C pillars, rear and front wheel house fender inner, dash panels, etc. and for closures such as door inners, hood inner or tail gates, etc.

Laser welded blanks, butt-welded


Multi Linear


Patchwork blanks

Patchwork blanks are spot welded or remote laser welded blanks that overlap, suitable for components requiring local reinforcement. They increase locally the stiffness performance, the fatigue life behavior, and the resistance to maximum loads.

Overlap patchwork blanks spot welded

Overlap patchwork blanks remote welded


More recent than laser welded blanks, they are used for automotive bodyparts such as shock tower, rails, dash panel, B-pillars reinforcements, body side, tailgate inner, etc.

Hybrid blanks

Hybrid blanks are a combination of laser welded and patchwork blanks by remote welded. Both operation are done during the same welding step. The hybrid blanks can be used in a normal stamping operation.

Butt-welded blanks combined with patchwork