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Tailored blanks

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Tailored Shaped Blanks

Net shaped blanks and near-net-shape blanks are used more and more in stamping operation to reduce the complexity of the stamping dies, increase productivity and reduce scrap evacuation.

For advanced high strength steel the laser-cut edge can extend the forming limit for extreme shapes, like flanging.

For Hot stamped parts any part edge cut before stamping to final shape avoids the relatively expensive laser-cutting process on the hardened 3-D part.

Demanding “exposed parts” with best quality of the surface, like body-sides-outer require an appropriate blank shape to facilitate a wrinkle-free deepdrawing and an immaculate surface quality to assure a good appearance after painting.

In accordance to the required lot size and part demands, we can supply you with either laser cut blanks or with die-cut blanks. Please approach us to define together the business case.