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Tailored blanks

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Blanks Just-In-Time by Supply Chain Integration

A wide range of shaped blanks tailored to your needs can be delivered by AMTB using an integrated supply chain. You define the needs for your product with our specialists and after placing the order with our customer team, the order can be processed and delivered by an EDI automated process, like it is implemented for coils or Laser Welded Blanks.

You will get full support in definition and choice of pallets and transport means, so that you can be delivered just-in-time directly or at the warehouse of your choice.

Like this you are dealing with only one supplier and do not need to take care of planning intermediary stocks, coordinate between more schedules etc. Our customers take as well advantage of our qualified ArcelorMittal service in all technical aspects

  • Stamping feasibility / Stamping support on site
  • Optimization of material consumption
  • Production of prototypes, Try-out and End-of-Lifetime parts