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Hot Stamped Door Ring

In 2014, ArcelorMittal unveiled the industry’s first hot-stamped, laser-welded door ring, which featured two seams and one advanced steel grade, and was found in the Acura MDX. This innovation was an important launching point for laser welded blanks, receiving the Automotive News Pace award in 2014, and demonstrating ArcelorMittal’s dedication to and success through co-engineering initiatives with their customers.  

In 2016, ArcelorMittal took this technology to the next level by refining the side structure of the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. This innovation includes the world’s first five-piece hot-stamped laser-welded door ring, combined with a hot stamped B-pillar. The door ring features five seams and two advanced steel grades. This innovation is the result of 36-months of R&D, 2,000 engineering hours and approximately 300 design iterations, and continues to demonstrate the success the company achieves through close partnerships with their customers.

Five-piece hot-stamped door ring for 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

Through this latest solution, ArcelorMittal demonstrates to the market that its innovative hot-stamped laser-welded blanks can be effectively tailored to fit both a wide range of customer objectives and the design of any class body structure. With this proof of adaptability and success, this component is positioned to serve as a best practice in the automotive industry.


Achieved benefits for Chrysler Pacifica door ring:

• Weight reduction of 8.64 kg
• Part consolidation
• Material cost reduction
• Improved part performance
• Simplified manufacturing process 

Showcasing the value of co-engineering and innovative lightweight steel concepts. ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks and FCA US LLC. collaborated through design phase to achieve efficient design.


  View this poster to find out more about the value and benefits of the Chrysler Pacifica door ring


The hot stamped door ring: combining the advantages of:

Hot stamping

• Very high strength
• Good formability
• No spring back
• Low residual stresses
• Anti-corrosion performances

 Laser Welded Blank

• Weight reduction (right material and thickness at the right place)
• Crash management
• Material saving (nesting & thickness)
• Cost saving though material optimization & cost reduction of tools and joining

The hot stamped door ring solution contribute to improve the car’s safety

• Small overlap crash test
• Crash side
• Roll-Over


The industry’s first laser-welded hot-stamped side opening panel reinforcement (single piece door ring) debuted in the all new 2014 Acura MDX and received a 2014 Automotive News PACE Award. This innovation- the result of a global partnership between ArcelorMittal, Cosma International and Honda – contributed to significant weight reduction and improved safety performance.

Some of the car makers showed keen interest for the door ring solution and are ready to start investigating the feasibility and the benefits in terms of technique and cost optimization.