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Tailored blanks

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Usibor ® and Ductibor ®

ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks has developed hot stamped laser welded blanks which combine the benefits of laser welding technology with the high performance of hot stamped steel. These new applications can often be stamped as one part instead of the multiple parts which are usually required.

By using Usibor® 1500P and Ductibor® 500P, the weight of the parts can be significantly reduced and optimal performance in crash behavior achieved. Hot stamped laser welded blanks have now been adopted by most major car manufacturers and multiple applications have gone in serial production

Laser Welded blanks is forecast to skyrocket over the next years.

Usibor ® and Ductibor ® automotive field application Tailor Welded blanks hot stamped

B Pillar LWB

 Front Rail LWB

 Rear Rail LWB