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  • Automotive coatings

    The right metallic coating for the right application

ArcelorMittal’s complete offer of coatings for automotive steels

As well as corrosion protection, coatings can also offer properties which improve the finished state of the steel. ArcelorMittal’s range of metallic coatings include products which are designed for specific steels or parts of the vehicle.

ArcelorMittal’s metallic coatings can be comprised of a pure metal (usually zinc) or an alloy of different elements. Most combine two or three of the following elements:

  • Aluminum (Al)
  • Magnesium (Mg)
  • Silicon (Si)
  • Zinc (Zn)

ArcelorMittal's coatings for automotive steels


Summary of ArcelorMittal coatings (click to enlarge)

Summary of ArcelorMittal's metallic coatings for automotive - click to enlarge the image

New: Jetgal® jet vapour deposition coating for cold rolled AHSS

ArcelorMittal recently unveiled Jetgal®. This revolutionary new coating has been specifically developed by ArcelorMittal for cold rolled advanced high strength steel (AHSS) used in automotive applications such as Fortiform®.
This pure zinc coating is applied using a hydrogen-free coating process known as Jet Vapor Deposition (JVD). It  allows vehicle makers to achieve the most uniform corrosion protection available on the market today.

Video: how is Jet Vapor Deposition (JVD) used to produce the Jetgal® coating

How does JVD work? What are the benefits? Find out in this video!
Check out the JVD launch press release, including contact information
Click here to view the product data sheet about Jetgal®