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Mass transport - Hyperloop is developing at the speed of sound


Hyperloop is one of the first new mass transport solutions to be developed in the past century. Designed to move people and cargo, Hyperloop uses pressurized pods which are propelled on a magnetic cushion within large low-pressure tubes. The maximum speed of hyperloop can reach a stunning 1200km/hour, comparable to the speed of sound and faster than a Boeing 787.

ArcelorMittal has taken up the material challenges presented by this new technology and developed simulated examples which make maximum use of steel’s inherent properties. We have created advanced steel solutions which can be used in Hyperloop’s tubes, pods, propulsion, braking, guidance, and infrastructure systems. These advances will ensure the pods float comfortably and quickly on a frictionless magnetic cushion within the tubes.


ArcelorMittal is already working with various partners around the world who are actively developing Hyperloop components and technologies. Our advanced steels will enable them to create high-performance and cost-effective components with a very low carbon footprint. And at the end of their useful life, these steels can be completely recycled without loss of properties. That will make recycled steel available for the many mixed mobility concepts of the future. Mobility solutions we can only dream of today.

ArcelorMittal is ideally positioned to collaborate with hyperloop partners:

  • ArcelorMittal fosters the culture of innovation by putting research and development at the heart of our operations.
  • ArcelorMittal is a global leader in steel for automotive and is working closely together with carmakers to implement advanced steel solutions in electric vehicles
  • ArcelorMittal is a global leader in steel for pipes used for energy transport and other applications
  • ArcelorMittal is a global leader in steel for rails and railway systems

Discover more about ArcelorMittal’s offer for future mobility


Download the paper, ‘Electromagnetic materials suited for electrified transport’ by Sigrid Jacobs and Jan Rens from ArcelorMittal

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