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iCARe® Speed



The iCARe® Speed product family comes with guaranted losses at 400Hz and indicative maximum values at 700Hz. These values are representative of the steel’s behaviour at high frequencies.


The Speed grades provide an excellent compromise between mechanical properties and losses.


Speed has been developed for very high speed rotors. This enables manufacturers to make more compact machines for a given mechanical output.

Magnetic properties

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ArcelorMittal name Conventional density (kg/dm3) Max. loss (W/kg) at 400 Hz at 1T [Guaranteed] Max. loss (W/kg) at 700 Hz at 1T [Indicative] Min. polarisation (T) at 2,500 A/m [Guaranteed] Min. polarisation (T) at 5,000 A/m [Guaranteed] Min. polarisation (T) at 10,000 A/m [Indicative] Max. anisotropy of loss (±%) at 400 Hz at 1T [Guaranteed] Min. number of bends [Guaranteed] Min. stacking factor [Guaranteed]
Speed 35-440 7.6 23 60 1.51 1.62 1.72 15 5 0.95
Speed 35-510 7.6 28 65 1.51 1.62 1.72 15 5 0.95

Mechanical properties

The minimal values for Re and Rm data are guaranteed in the rolling direction. The other values in the following table are provided for information purposes only.

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ArcelorMittal name Direction Re (MPa) Rm (MPa) Re/Rm A80 (%) HV
Speed 35-440 L 440 - 490 570 - 620 0.76 - 0.88 20 - 30 210 - 240
T 465 - 515 590 - 640 0.76 - 0.88 20 - 30 210 - 240
Speed 35-510 L 510 - 560 605 - 655 0.80 - 0.92 20 - 30 210 - 240
T 540 - 590 625 - 675 0.80 - 0.92 20 - 30 210 - 240


Speed grades can be used immediately after lamination punching. The effect of punching can be eliminated if a stress relief annealing is applied. This optimises the performance of the Speed grades in applications with fine teeth. It can also provide substantial performance improvements in the lower frequency range. To achieve these effects, a C5 type coating is advised.

Speed stacks can be produced using any existing assembly technique such as interlocking or welding.

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