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S-in motion® solutions for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV)

ArcelorMittal’s range of advanced high strength steels (AHSS) can be deployed to meet the lightweighting, safety, sustainability, cost, and performance targets of BEV producers. Our S-in motion® BEV study shows how these smart steels and steel solutions can be applied to three key parts of BEVs: the battery pack, the body-in-white (BIW), and chassis components. In addition, ArcelorMittal's iCARe® range of electrical steels was designed specifically for e-traction systems that power the electric vehicles.

“The S-in motion® BEV study demonstrated that we can limit the mass penalty of battery electric vehicles which results from the more challenging crash management compared to fuel-powered vehicles. Using best-in-class solutions to put the right steel in the right place, we have optimized the mass performance of the BEV,” highlights Elie Gibeau, the project manager in charge of BEV solutions at ArcelorMittal Global R&D. “All solutions have passed extensive assessments including global crash test models and simulations of forming feasibility and assembly.”


Safe and affordable steel solutions for the battery pack of BEVs

The battery pack is one of the most vital parts of a BEV as it houses the battery cells - the most expensive component of a vehicle. As well as protecting the cells and their associated equipment from external elements, the battery pack must keep the vehicle and its passengers safe from battery, fumes, fire, and electromagnetic fields.

The BEV S-in motion® study found that ArcelorMittal products such as MartINsite® (for roll forming) offer best-in-class protection and performance for the battery pack. As BEVs are more expensive to produce, mainly due to battery costs, AHSS like these remain the optimal solution to reach the OEM’s cost, performance, and environmental targets. The battery pack solutions prove that lightweighting, safety and fire protection can be combined – and at the same time allow high cost savings as well as lower carbon emissions over the entire life cycle.

For more detailed information on the S-in motion® battery pack for BEVs, visit:



Smart steel solutions for BEV body-in-white and chassis parts

The S-in motion® BEV study also examined how AHSS could be deployed to accommodate the battery pack and powertrain in a typical SUV body-in-white structure. These solutions make extensive use of Usibor® 2000 and Ductibor® 1000 which are designed for hot stamping and allow very complex geometries with a best-in-class precision. Roll formed MartINsite® steel grades are also utilised, particularly in applications which must withstand severe crash energy and where the roll-forming process could make the solution even more cost-effective.

Parts studied included the front and rear bumper systems, the roof panel, the inner and outer parts of the side unit, and the front, central, and rear units.

ArcelorMittal has developed a 3D car configurator for you to discover our S-in motion® steel solutions for BEVs.
Why not test drive it right now? 


3D car configurator to discover our BIW, chassis and battery pack solutions


Discover the iCARe® range of electrical steels to lower the total cost of electrification and to enable longer drive range with existing battery technology


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