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Our automotive outcomes

Let’s focus on the ArcelorMittal outcomes that are relevant to our global automotive business:

  • Products: to get the most out of our steels
  • Supply chain: to meet or exceed the OEM’s environmental and social standards
  • Scientists and engineers: to explore and expand the boundaries of what steel can do


Getting the most out of our steels

ArcelorMittal’s global automotive business creates innovative products and solutions which are helping automakers to develop sustainable mobility solutions. One of the key reasons our products are sustainable is because of the material we use to create them – steel.

 ArcelorMittal invests significant resources to develop new products which will further enhance the sustainability of mobility. More than 80 new products are under development at any time. Our latest Fortiform® steels for cold stamping, and new grades in our iCARe®, MartINsite®, Usibor®, and Ductibor® ranges are enabling carmakers to creating lighter, stronger, and more environmentally friendly vehicles.

For example, our iCARe® range of electrical steels enable the efficient generation, storage, and use of energy in electrical powertrains. And with modern vehicles having many dozens of electric motors to drive functions such as electric mirrors and seat adjustors, there are many ways iCARe® steels can improve the efficiency of conventionally powered cars.


“S-in motion® is a set of steel solutions developed by ArcelorMittal for carmakers who wish to create lighter, safer, and more environmentally friendly vehicles. It includes a range of steel solutions that can be implemented today which make cars lighter at the most affordable cost.”

Jean-Luc Thirion, General Manager, Global R&D for Automotive


Through our S-in motion® studies ArcelorMittal Automotive is helping our customers get the most out of our steels. S-in motion® helps carmakers identify solutions which can be implemented immediately to simplify their production processes and lightweight their vehicles.

Why not visit our product and solution catalogues to find out more about ArcelorMittal’s complete automotive offer?

Product catalogue3D solutions catalogue



Supply chain

Meeting or exceeding the OEM’s environmental and social standards

Like ArcelorMittal, many of our automotive customers are looking across their entire value chain to ensure that suppliers meet or exceed the OEM’s robust environmental and social standards. As a producer of both steel and mined raw materials, we see this as a great opportunity to reassure our customers that we’re actively and effectively managing our own operations and our supply chain. That is why we are continuing to lead our industry in developing sustainability assurance standards.

As the world’s leading steel and mining company, ArcelorMittal has full control over its supply chain – from raw materials to the production of fuels such as coal and bioethanol. This allows us to maximize the sustainability of our operations at every stage.

In addition to our mining and steel production plants, we have downstream partners which our customers trust such as ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks. Through their innovative laser welded blank technology, ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks are opening new lightweighting opportunities by ensuring that the right steel is in the right place for strength and safety.

And every plant within ArcelorMittal is a recycling center. We use all the available scrap from our customers, local communities, and other sources to create new automotive steels with the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Production plants
© Steelanol
Turning carbon emissions from blast furnace gas into bioethanol at ArcelorMittal Gent

Scientists and engineers

Exploring and expanding the boundaries of what steel can do

Through our network of Gloabl R&D sites dedicated to automotive, we are constantly exploring – and expanding – the boundaries of what steel can do. That enables us to refine our product portfolio even further. We’re also researching new coatings which enhance the durability and processability of our products. And we’re constantly adding to our R&D team to ensure we have the talented scientists and engineers we will need tomorrow.

Our resident engineers are embedded in the offices of carmakers around the world to help them get the most out of ArcelorMittal’s automotive steels. They are part of our global automotive teams which are there to help our customers create the most sustainable and innovative mobility solutions.

Key Global R&D figures:

  • ArcelorMittal employs 1,400 full-time researchers in a worldwide network of 11 laboratories
  • Our global R&D budget in 2017 was US$278 million
  • Roughly one-third of ArcelorMittal’s research budget is devoted to automotive


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