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Unwelded blanks - die cut blanks


Die cut blanks offer an economical solution for OEMs who want to achieve a blank which is close to (near-net-shape) or exactly (net shaped) the final shape required. However, achieving the required tolerances while ensuring maximum usage of the coil can present a challenge.

ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks has many years of experience and a range of modern software tools which minimize the amount of scrap generated. By optimizing die design, the number of blanks produced from a single coil can be increased significantly.

With steel representing up to 70 percent of the final price of a laser welded blank, maximizing material usage in this way can lead to cost savings. At the same time, the weight of the final part can be reduced.


Simple shaped blanks

Using simple shaped dies, this one-piece (1.2 mm thick) part weighs 2.46 kg per blank.

  • Die pattern for a simple shaped blank

  • Final part stamped from a simple blank (2.46 kg/blank)

Complex shaped blanks

By designing a more complex shaped blanking layout, material utilization can be increased to 85 percent of the coil. The weight of the final part is also lower at 1.9 kg per blank.

In complex shaped blanks, the part is formed from two or more blanks.

  • The blanks are laser welded before stamping.

  • The final part has a gross weight of 1.9 kg per blank and utilizes 85 percent of the coil.

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