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S-in motion® Front Chassis for PHEVs


ArcelorMittal has identified a catalogue of solutions for the subframe and lower control arms of a plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV). The technically powerful solutions can also be adapted for different powertrains including battery electric vehicles (BEVs). A range of ferrite-bainite (FB) and complex phase (CP) grades have been utilized due to their specific properties which make them ideal for chassis applications. The optimized S-in motion® solutions offer OEMs the opportunity to create lighter, safer, and more environmentally friendly vehicles.

The steels

The Complex Phase and Ferrite-Bainite grades selected for the front chassis components offer:

  • Good formability for the complex geometries required in chassis parts
  • Increased stiffness with the possibility to create deeper flanges
  • Cut-edge sensitivity and good hole expansion

All selected grades offer:

  • Good fatigue properties
  • Good welding properties (GMAW)

Complex Phase (CP)grades

HR-CP800SF – hot rolled grade with a minimum tensile strength up to 780 MPa

HR-CP980SF – an emerging hot rolled grade witha minimum tensile strength of up to 980 MPa

Ferrite-Bainite grade

HR-FB590 – hot rolled grade with a minimum tensile strength up to 590 MPa.

Lower control arm

The S-in motion® lower control arms were benchmarked against single- and double-shell, forged steel, and HPDC designs currently used in production vehicles.

Bushing direction is a key consideration in the design of the lower control arm. HR-CP800SF and the emerging HR-CP980SF grade were developed to enable OEMs to stamp both vertical and horizontal bushings.

Complex Phase steels offer high stretch flangeability. HR-CP800SF offers high edge ductility with a hole expansion ratio (HER) of at least 50 percent.

Single shell with vertical or horizontal bushing

780 MPa solution

  • Grade: HR-CP800SF

    Gauge: 3.5 mm

    Mass: 2.13 kg*

  • Grade: HR-CP800SF

    Gauge: 3.7 mm

    Mass: 2.27 kg*

*Mass without bushes or ball joint

Double shell with vertical bushing

780 MPa solution

  • Grade: HR-CP800SF

    Gauge: 3.0 mm

    Mass: 3.05 kg*

  • Grade: HR-CP800SF

    Gauge: 3.0 mm

    Mass: 2.58 kg*

*Mass without bushes or ball joint

Front subframe

The S-in motion® front subframe for PHEVs can be adapted for both small and large front subframes.

  • Proof load cases

  • Top Plate

    Grade: HR-CP800SF

    Gauge: 1.8 mm

    Lightening holes based on topology optimization.

  • Bottom Plate

    Grade: HR-CP800SF

    Gauge: 2.3 mm

    Lightening holes based on topology optimization.

Front body-mount pillar

  • Front plate

    Grade: HR-FB590

    Gauge: 1.9 mm

  • Rear plate

    Grade: HR-FB590

    Gauge: 1.8 mm

Forming validations

To test the performance of the HR-CP800SF and HR-CP980SF grades in production, forming simulations were carried out on the lower control arm and subframe top plate. The simulations used ArcelorMittal data and criteriatohighlight the global and local formability of these grades.

Forming – lower control arm

Forming – lower control arm

Forming – subframe top plate

Forming – subframe top plate


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