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Livestream: strategies for greener vehicle production


This AMS Livestream Hour episode will discuss how automotive manufacturers are making their plants and value chains more sustainable through new processes and technology, with special guests including Scania and ArcelorMittal. Register to join us on Wednesday November 25 at 9.30 EST | 14.30 GMT | 15.30 CET



In this AMS Livestream Hour, we’ll share insights from automotive manufacturing experts and decisions makers on specific ways that they are reducing emissions, waste and energy in global production processes, as well as how they are adapting overall manufacturing and sourcing strategies to account for full lifecycle environmental impacts from sourcing to production and recycling. 

You will hear from Scania’s head of Global Scania Production System (SPS) Office, Mathias Wijkström, about how the truckmaker is accelerating its targets to reduce emissions and waste in production, how sustainability in manufacturing is playing a significant role in the company’s electrification strategy and its decision to build a new battery factory, as well as how Scania is adapting R&D and production to optimise the circular economy.

You will also hear from Hugo Da Gama Campos, who leads on sustainable development for flat products at ArcelorMittal Europe. Learn how the company is is implementing smart carbon plans to decarbonise steel production and is investing in more responsible steel processes, supporting automotive customers in their circular economy objectives.


Join this show to learn and ask questions about the technologies, investments and values that are making automotive manufacturing and materials greener and, in many cases, more competitive.

Register to join the conversation, and learn more about green manufacturing strategies, including:

  • Reducing CO2 emissions in production through renewable energy and efficiency 
  • Decarbonisation and waste reduction of key materials such as steel in production and recycling 
  • The importance of the circular economy and end-of-life processes for future manufacturing
  • Ensuring visibility of sustainable processes across the value chain in producing electric vehicles


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Guests & Moderator

  • Mathias Wijkström

    Head of Global Scania Production System (SPS) Office Scania

    Mathias Wijkström has been active in the truck industry since 2002. He is currently part of the Production and Logistics (P&L) management team at Scania where he is responsible for the development of the Scania Production System, the company’s strategy deployment process and sustainability coordination. Before joining the P&L management teams he had various position at Scania including managing director of the production unit in France, head of the Scania Foundry and different positions within Scania machining.

  • Hugo Da Gama Campos

    Manager, Sustainable Development ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products

    Hugo Da Gama Campos joined the steelmaker ArcelorMittal in 2015. He has held various positions in the company and is currently sustainable development manager for the ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products division, where he works to deliver sustainability solutions to customers such as automotive manufacturers. His main focus is on climate change strategy, in order to reduce the embodied CO2 footprint of the company’s steel products. He also plays a key role in implementing ResponsibleSteel certification for the company, an initiative designed to reassure customers that ArcelorMittal meets the highest standards in sustainability. He has an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London and a BA in Environment and Business from the University of Leeds.  

  • Nick Holt

    Editor Automotive Manufacturing Solutions, Ultima Media

    With over 20 years’ experience covering the automotive industry, Nick is responsible for editorial content across Automotive Manufacturing Solutions. He has gained wide experience of automotive production operations, visiting OEM and tier supplier factories in Europe, India, China and the US.


Details of ArcelorMittal Europe's CO2 technology strategy


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