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S-in motion® steel solutions

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  • S-in motion®

    Steel solutions for lighter cars

  • S-in motion®

    A green solution

  • S-in motion®

    Cost-effective assembly proven

  • S-in motion®

    Safe, strong and sustainable

S-in motion® for C-Segment Vehicles

The S-in motion® range of solutions is constantly updated as ArcelorMittal develops new automotive steels and solutions. It currently includes 60 solutions for 43 parts of a typical C-segment vehicle.

Steels and solutions utilised in S-in motion®

  • Advanced high strength steels (AHSS)
  • Press hardened steels (PHS), also called hot stamping
  • Cold stamping
  • Laser welded blanks
  • Long and tubular products

Gains through S-in motion® solutions

  • Savings of up to 73 kg or 19% of a typical C-segment vehicle’s body-in-white and chassis weight
  • A 13.5% reduction in CO2 equivalent (eq) emissions during the vehicle’s use-phase
  • Automakers achieve these savings at neutral cost without compromising the vehicle’s safety performance

S-in motion®... in motion

The S-in motion® solutions of our catalogue are being implemented in production vehicles today, and are constantly adapted to new requirements of the market such as crash requirements.