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Laser welded blanks for cold stamping


Laser welded blanks offer an interesting combination between mass saving, technical performance and cost reduction

A tailored blank is a sheet of steel that combines several grades and/or various thicknesses and/or different coatings, the different parts being laser welded together, in order to place the best material at the best place in the right thickness for a real “tailor-made” solution for the customer after cold stamping. Tailored blanks are nowadays especially in use in the automotive construction, for the body in white and the closures of a car.


Laser welded blanks solutions answers perfectly to the main automotive construction challenges:


A laser welded blank is using the engineering properties where they are needed most to produce “tailor-made” or “engineered blanks”

Laser welded blanks are now widely used by all vehicle and equipment manufacturers and both the number of applications and the total number of welded blanks employed in the vehicle are steadily increasing.


Laser welded blanks can have a simple geometry with linear welds or complex shape with non-linear welds. This type of tailored blank is used industrially for automotive upperbody and underbody parts, closures and chassis parts.


By welding sheets together, we produce materials that fit the job perfectly

This concept of providing the best material in the right place in the right thickness makes it possible to vary steel thickness and quality without post-joining operations or sheet overlap and thus to avoid the additional weight that would otherwise arise.

ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks offers three different types of laser welded blanks:

  • Blanks of relatively simple geometry with linear weld seams, for high productivity or laser welded blanks of complex shape with non-linear weld seams, for weight optimization.

  • Spot-welded or remote laser welded patchwork blanks, suitable for components requiring local reinforcement. More recent than laser welded blanks, they are used for automotive bodyparts such as shock tower, rails, dash panel, B-pillars reinforcements, body side, tailgate inner, etc.

Overlap patchwork blanks spot welded

Overlap patchwork blanks remote welded

  • It is of course possible to combine patchwork blanks with the two laser welding techniques.

Butt-welded blanks combined with patchwork

Laser welded blanks


The process of laser butt-welding of two or more flat steel sheets of varying:

  • thicknesses
  • alloys
  • coatings

After welding


These blanks can be drawn or stamped into a finished part with the engineered properties where customers need them most, therefore called tailored blanks.

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