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Recognition from our customers

ArcelorMittal is regularly recognized by our customers for the quality of our automotive steels and the excellent logistics and support services we provide. Below you can find some of our most recent awards we have received.


Supplier Excellence Award from Jaguar Land Rover

ArcelorMittal Europe received a bronze award at the 2018 Jaguar Land Rover Supplier Excellence Awards. The award recognized the high-quality of ArcelorMittal’s products, our outstanding delivery performance, and the real value ArcelorMittal adds for Jaguar Land Rover. ArcelorMittal supplies automotive steel for all of Jaguar Land Rover’s vehicle programs.

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Pictured at the awards ceremony (from left to right): Dr. Ralph Speth, Chief Executive Officer for Jaguar Land Rover; Laurence Faure-Sebastian, ArcelorMittal’s global account manager for JLR, British comedian and actress Jennifer Saunders who presented the awards; Philippe Aubron, ‎chief marketing officer for ArcelorMittal Automotive Europe; and Ian Harnett, Executive Director of Human Resources and Global Purchasing for Jaguar Land Rover.

© Jaguar Land Rover

IMPACT Diamond Award from General Motors

ArcelorMittal was the only company to receive an IMPACT Diamond Award at General Motors’ (GM) annual supplier awards meeting held in Detroit (USA) during May 2018. This is the fourth consecutive year that ArcelorMittal has received a GM Supplier Diversity Award. “We are proud to recognize ArcelorMittal with our coveted IMPACT Diamond Award this year. ArcelorMittal continues to excel in their supplier diversity program and has worked hard to impact their company’s supply chain with certified, innovative, and diverse suppliers,” said Reggie Humphrey, senior manager, Supplier Diversity, General Motors.

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Pictured at the awards ceremony: Cathy Wriston, manager of supplier diversity, ArcelorMittal USA (right), Reggie Humphrey, senior manager of supplier diversity, General Motors (centre).

© General Motors

Supplier Quality Award from General Motors

AM/NS Calvert, ArcelorMittal’s joint venture with Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metals Corporation, received the General Motors (GM) Supplier Quality Excellence Award for the 2017 calendar year. “GM’s goal is to ‘earn customers for life’. Fundamentally, it’s about changing behaviors, holding ourselves accountable, and delivering on our commitments. It’s about putting the customer at the center of everything we do, and that applies to every function, every employee, and every supplier and their family of employees as well. And through your plant’s performance, you are helping to live that culture,” said Gary West, executive director, global supplier quality and development at GM when announcing the award.

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Excellence in Innovation Award from Honda

ArcelorMittal became the first steel company to receive an Excellence in Innovation Award from Honda R&D Americas Inc. The award, which honors suppliers that achieve truly innovative results through breakthrough ideas, was presented to ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks (AMTB) at the 34th annual Honda Supplier Conference in Toronto. Honda recognized ArcelorMittal for its co-engineering efforts that led to the world’s first inner and outer door ring system for the 2019 Acura RDX, unveiled at WCX 18 in Detroit in April 2018.

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© Honda

#1 Supplier for seventh consecutive year at Ford

In 2018, ArcelorMittal received Ford’s highest ranking as part of the automaker’s annual Suppliers Performance Review (SPR). This was the seventh year in a row that ArcelorMittal had been ranked number one amongst Ford’s five main steel suppliers. To receive such a rating from a major customer for seven consecutive years, or 28 quarters, is quite an achievement.

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© Ford

VAMA receives two customer awards in same month

VAMA, ArcelorMittal’s joint venture with Valin Steel in China, received two customer awards in April 2018. The first was the Best Supplier award from Lingyun Industrial Corporation Limited. VAMA has provided Lingyun with press hardenable steels (PHS) since production commenced in 2014.

Later in the month VAMA was also recognized by Benteler International AG with a ‘Best Business Partnership of the Year’ award. The award recognizes VAMA’s high quality production and ability to quickly adapt to meet Benteler’s technical requirements. The award was presented at Benteler’s first supplier awards ceremony in China.

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Toyota Europe recognizes ArcelorMittal's outstanding quality performance

ArcelorMittal received the Built in Quality supplier award from Toyota Europe on Thursday 9 February 2017. The ceremony took place at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing plant in Burnaston (UK). The event was attended by delegates from ArcelorMittal's Automotive Europe commercial team and the ArcelorMittal Atlantique and Lorraine cluster.

The Built in Quality award was presented by Toyota Europe in recognition of ArcelorMittal’s impressive quality performance including:

  • A low number of claims which exceeded Toyota Europe’s quality target by more than 15%
  • Recognition as the best steel supplier in Toyota Europe’s annual supplier assessment for the second consecutive year
  • A very significant and increasing gap between ArcelorMittal’s performance and that of our competitors
  • Zero quality problem reports (QPRs) in 2016 for ArcelorMittal Mardyck, which is the main supplying mill for Toyota Europe’s automotive and exposed galvannealed steels (ArcelorMittal Mardyck is a part of the ArcelorMittal Atlantique and Lorraine cluster).
  • ArcelorMittal’s recognition as the best quality steel supplier for Toyota Manufacturing Russia in 2016.


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© Toyota

ArcelorMittal part of Volkswagen’s FAST initiative

Volkswagen’s FAST (Future Automotive Supply Tracks) initiative will see the carmaker’s supplier network play a much more significant role in future vehicle development. ArcelorMittal’s industry leading steels and global footprint have guaranteed our involvement.

ArcelorMittal was formally nominated as a FAST Supplier during a short ceremony held at VW’s headquarters in early March 2016. During the event, Axel Müller, Volkswagen’s Purchasing Group Commodity Manager Metal, explained ArcelorMittal was: “…a reliable partner which has accompanied the Volkswagen Group throughout the different stages of a vehicle’s lifecycle.” He noted that ArcelorMittal had brought innovations to Volkswagen such as hot stamping technology. “This has helped Volkswagen achieve our car weight targets. I expect that ArcelorMittal’s involvement in FAST will enable us to intensify this cooperation.”

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Pictured at the awards ceremomy: Brian Aranha, ArcelorMittal's Head of strategy, CTO, R&D, CCM, and global automotive and Axel Müller, Volkswagen’s Purchasing Group Commodity Manager Metal.

© Volkswagen

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