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ArcelorMittal Tech Day results in real innovations for Renault vehicles

March 2023

Many companies offer their customers regular events where innovative products are showcased and technical information is exchanged. But the partnership between ArcelorMittal Europe and Renault goes the extra mile. As well as regular workshops with the Renault team throughout the year, ArcelorMittal holds ad hoc Tech Days with the automaker. The two companies also hold an annual meeting to identify how ArcelorMittal’s performance translates into real innovations in Renault’s projects. This open and transparent exchange shows that more than half the development work done through the partnership translates into actual vehicle developments.


“Each year, we jointly develop around ten studies with ArcelorMittal covering new steel grades or concepts. The studies start with feasibility, the first development step, and proceed through to industrial application of the innovation.”

Yvan Chastel, Metallic Products and Process Expert Leader for Renault

  • The 2023 Tech Day at Renault included an exhibition of parts and solutions from ArcelorMittal. ©ArcelorMittal

  • Well over half the studies Renault and ArcelorMittal undertake are transformed into solutions for new and production vehicles. © ArcelorMittal

Arnaud Morizot, Material Engineering VP at Renault © Renault

“This technical cooperation approach is also deployed with other suppliers. The difference is that the transformation rate for studies with ArcelorMittal is well over fifty percent, making this collaboration one of the most successful in terms of materials development. This success is based on three pillars: regular and transparent communication; ArcelorMittal’s product/process development portfolio which aligned with the challenges of the automotive industry; and reporting at the right levels of both organisations.”

Arnaud Morizot, Material Engineering VP for Renault

Showroom exhibition and conference programme

ArcelorMittal’s recent Tech Day included a showroom exhibition and a conference programme with presentations from ArcelorMittal experts in steel solutions and products. The exhibition and conference covered subjects such as flat products, tubular solutions, long products, additive manufacturing, ArcelorMittal Multi Part Integration® (MPI), and battery pack solutions.

The showroom exhibition was designed so that the Renault team could explore at their own pace and ask questions to the ArcelorMittal team. 

“The 2023 Tech Day showroom perfectly illustrated the product and process developments and project applications we have jointly targeted. The application cases were highlighted by physical demonstrators which showed the richness of this collaboration on subjects such as the body-in-white, chassis, and e-powertrain.”

Patrice Belliard, Flat Products Expert at Renault


ArcelorMittal and Renault have jointly developed a chassis suspension arm application which uses a new steel grade. From left to right: Didier Sarnowski, ArcelorMittal Resident Engineer; Yvan Chastel, Metallic Products and Process Expert Leader for Renault; and Patrice Belliard, Flat Products Expert for Renault. © ArcelorMittal

Decarbonisation challenge a key focus

A key subject of recent discussions has concerned the sharing of decarbonisation strategies. “These exchanges have confirmed the net-zero ambition and timetable for both companies,” says Yvan Chastel. “The discussions also confirm that the priority in this highly competitive environment remains economic competitiveness.”

A key decarbonisation subject in 2023 has been the deployment of ArcelorMittal’s XCarb® recycled and renewably produced Usibor® 1500 AlSi. 

“Renault aims to use this material in their future vehicles. The steel is produced using a high proportion of recycled steel, and 100% renewable electricity. Using XCarb® recycled and renewably produced Usibor® 1500 AlSi will allow Renault to produce a vehicle with lower embedded CO2. Currently, we are in the last phase of the testing before Renault’s final go-ahead.”

Didier Sarnowski, ArcelorMittal’s Resident Engineer at Renault


The XCarb® recycled and renewably produced substrate for our for Usibor® 1500 AlSi product is currently produced at ArcelorMittal’s facility in Sestao (Spain). The steelworks guarantees a minimum of 75% of scrap and renewable electricity for the steelmaking to manufacture the range of XCarb® recycled and renewably produced steels in its electric arc furnaces (EAFs). ArcelorMittal Europe has announced plans to upgrade many of its steelworks with EAF technology to decarbonise its steelmaking process. 

Speaking the same language

Resident engineers from ArcelorMittal Europe and other steelmakers are embedded in Renault’s technical development centre. “That makes it possible to foster a close relationship with all Renault departments responsible for development and engineering, explains Didier Sarnowski. “We share a common language, objectives, and offer local knowledge along with proximity to our steelmaking facilities. Supporting the resident engineer is a comprehensive team that can tap into ArcelorMittal’s deep expertise. That team includes everyone from Global R&D to our colleagues in the manufacturing units.”

  • A showroom exhibition space and an extensive conference programme were included in the Tech Day. © ArcelorMittal

  • The Tech Day at Renault 2023 included flat and long products, tubular solutions, additive manufacturing, and ArcelorMittal Multi Part Integration® (MPI). © ArcelorMittal

  • The Tech Day at Renault included an exhibition of parts and solutions from ArcelorMittal. ©ArcelorMittal

  • A high-level delegation of both Renault and ArcelorMittal attended the Tech Day at Renault’s Technocentre in Guyancourt (France). © ArcelorMittal

About Renault

Renault is one of the world's oldest automakers, and one of the most innovative. Today the company produces a range of electric and conventional powered vehicles under the Renault, Dacia, Alpine, and Mobilize brands. These vehicles are produced and marketed around the globe.

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