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ArcelorMittal as Platinum Sponsor at Steels in Cars and Trucks (SCT) from 19-23 June 2022 in Milan (Italy)


After being postponed for two years, the  Steels in Cars and Trucks (SCT) conference finally took place. ArcelorMittal has been participating in the International SCT Conference as a Platinum Sponsor. The sixth edition of  the three-yearly SCT conference took place in Milan from 19-23 June 2022. Many experts in the automtive industry exchanged about the future of e-mobility as well as the challenges for the automotive and the answers from the steel industry.


We were pleased to finally present at the SCT top notch conference. With 160 presentations from industry and research summarized in 50 technical sessions, the upscale lecture program prwas  once again highly interesting. More than 20 of these presentations have been presented by ArcelorMittal experts.

More than 300 guests, including OEMs and Tier One representatives, were there and ArcelorMittal colleagues presented 21 conference presentations.
You can find the full conference program here:

The SCT 2022 topics was of interest to all engineers from the industrial sector as well as scientists in related disciplines, i.e. the automotive industry with passenger cars, trucks and busses as well as the suppliers and steel industries. Sustainable reduction of both cost and energy consumption while at the same time improving the safety of vehicles over a complete lifecycle assessment through the optimal integration of steel, design and manufacturing processes plays a leading role in these future trends. The content of the SCT 2022 took into account the change in driving systems in the global mobility.

Visitors were able to attend an exciting ArcelorMittal exhibition and can take a deep dive with presentations by industry leaders on a variety of topics, including:

  • Steel components in cars and trucks
  • Manufacturing of components
  • New high-performance steels and lightweight solutions
  • Modelling, simulation and testing
  • e-Mobility
  • Decarbonization steelmaking


Decarbonisation talk of town

It was hardly a surprise that the decarbonization session triggered a lot of interest too. Sustainable reduction of both cost and energy consumption while at the same time improving the safety of vehicles over a complete lifecycle assessment through the optimal integration of steel, design and manufacturing processes plays a leading role in these future trends. Our XCarb offer which brings together all of ArcelorMittal’s reduced, low and zero-carbon products and steelmaking activities, as well as wider initiatives and green innovation projects, into a single effort towards carbon neutral steel. Nobody could argue with the fact that steel has an increasingly important role to play in decarbonizing the automotive industry thanks to the good ratio between its mechanical properties and CO2eq emissions during production. Also, a full Life Cycle Assessment is favorable for steel compared to other materials. That, combined with ArcelorMittal playing a leading role in decarbonising steel industry, makes us confident that steel will remain the most important material for the future of mobility.

Platinum sponsor exhibition booth as magnet for networking

Networking face-to-face around ArcelorMittal’s central stand was also high in the agenda in Milan’s NH congress centre. During the conference breaks, our exhibition acted like a magnet for the international automotive industry delegates. Some OEM delegations had special VIP tours where our Flat, Long, Bars and Rods, and Tubular product and solutions experts showed them around the exhibition of innovative solutions.

Megastamping as gamechanger:

The highlight was clearly the premiere of the H-Frame prototype part, which demonstrated the benefits of ArcelorMittal Multi Part IntegrationTM solutions to the automotive industry. This novelty generated a lot of attention because as our Tailored  Blanks explained: thanks to megastamping parts like these, material, cost and CO2 reduction as well as the productivity gains for carmakers, this will certainly be a gamechanger for automotive body design.

 Finally, huge credit goes to the many presenters and researchers on and off the scene who are constantly reinventing steel in a world of disruption and how they are  pushing the boundaries of what steel is capable of and how these solutions are shaping the future of e-mobility.


All relevant information about SCT is available on the the SCT website



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