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What a future for metallurgy!

From 8 to 12 April 2019, ArcelorMittal will be represented at the ‘What a future for metallurgy!’ seminar organised by the French Metallurgy Network.

ArcelorMittal speakers will include Thomas Dupuy, head of the Welding team at ArcelorMittal’s Global Research and Development labs in Maizières (France). Dupuy will present the results of an experimental and numerical study into fractures which can occur in spot welds of heterogeneous steels.

The objectives of the study are to understand fracture mechanisms during mechanical testing and create a mechanical Finite Element (FE) model that can accurately predict the mechanical strength of welded assemblies. The study will benefit OEMs who want to reduce the overall weight of their vehicles by using assemblies made from different steel grades, and with different thicknesses. These assemblies allow OEMs to optimise the weight of each part.

Jean-Luc Thirion, General Manager of Global R&D for automotive at ArcelorMittal, will also participate in a roundtable discussion on 9 April. The topic to be discussed is ‘Lightweighting transport’.

Experimental and predicted failure modes in tension-shear testing

  • Thomas Dupuy, head of the Welding team, Global Research & Development

  • Jean-Luc Thirion, General Manager, Global Research & Development

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