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Introducing the 2nd Gen PHS BEV SUV solutions in China

Interview with Head of VAMA China Customer Technical Support Michael Yang

Recently, VAMA, ArcelorMittal’s Joint Venture in China, was invited to China Car Body 2020 where they joined the discussion on advanced car body technologies with representatives from assembly plants, parts & components manufacturers, and R&D institutions. VAMA took this occasion to introduce ArcelorMittal's 2nd Gen PHS Application Solution for BEV SUVs. During the conference, World Auto, an automotive industry magazine published by CATARC (China Automotive Technology and Research Center), made an exclusive interview with head of VAMA Customer Technical Support Michael Yang on the challenges and opportunities of the “New Automotive Four Modernization Trends” (New energy, intelligent driving, network alliance and sharing). Below you can read what Michael Yang had to say.


What are the products and technologies introduced in China Car Body 2020 and their advantages?

Michael Yang - We have introduced BEV SUV lightweight solutions at the conference, including the lightweight steel battery pack solutions. They are all new concepts and new lightweight solutions of VAMA specially designed in response to the BEV trend of the automotive industry, boasting significant weight reduction potential compared to the benchmarking models on the market. These solutions incorporate a variety of new materials and processes, led by the 2nd generation AS-coated hot-stamping steel products Usibor®2000 and Ductibor®1000. Both are the latest steel grades that have just realized localized production with conditions for mass production in the past year or two. Based on the 1st generation products Usibor®1500 and Ductibor®500, a 10% to 15% weight reduction has again been achieved in hot-stamping steel products. Such high performance products will further improve vehicle lightweight, dynamic safety performance and comfort level.

"In the past, hot-stamping steel solutions were considered the ceiling of automotive lightweight technology. ArcelorMittal, originator of AS-coated hot-stamping steel technology, has never remained satisfied with the tensile strength of 1500 MPa for its Usibor® range. Committed to continuous development of new products, its European headquarters quickly developed the 2nd generation products, which have been put into use on mainstream companies both at home and abroad, realizing globalization in a true sense. Now, with more and more customers interested in steel grades of 2000 MPa, the application of hot-stamping steel in body-in-white could probably set a development trend in the next 5 to 10 years."


Which domestic brands are you working with? Presently, many domestic brands are seeking brand development. Could you share with us your views in this regard?

Michael Yang - Proudly I can say, we have established a network of partnership with almost all the brands, basically involving all the mainstream JV brands in China and domestic brands. The pandemic has set us thinking about how to improve ourselves in the new normal. The constant technological breakthroughs, more stringent standards and regulations, and the ““New Automotive Four Modernization Trends” for car body design bring both new challenges and opportunities for us raw material suppliers.

As a JV of ArcelorMittal, we are relying on strong R&D support to speed up the launch of new products for our customers. We have seen the rapid development of domestic brands throughout all these years, and car body R&D from reverse to forward engineering. We will work closely with R&D centers, help customers improve product performance and truly realize our long-committed vision to become the number 1 steel solutions provider in China.


What are your views on this session of China Car Body?

Michael Yang - Above all, it’s really not easy for China Car Body 2020 to be held in Macao as scheduled. The conference has been held successively for four sessions, all of which I have attended. This year, subject to the pandemic, we see a smaller number of participants but with the same enthusiasm, and I am sorry for those who cannot make it here.

What has impressed me most is the increasing variety of NEV car bodies exhibited, including those of both JV brands and domestic brands. In respect of NEV models, our new materials with a clear edge will be very likely to win the favor of customers. Anyway, though the number of participants this year decreased, the enthusiasm is as high and the NEV development trend of the automotive industry is very clear. Therefore, we are fully prepared and ready for the coming challenges and opportunities.

Michael Yang introducing VAMA’s 2nd generation PHS products

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