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ArcelorMittal Multi Part Integration™ has been recognized as "The Best Innovation" at the 3rd Seres Lightweight Conference

ArcelorMittal is proud to announce that its groundbreaking solution, the ArcelorMittal Multi Part Integration™ (MPI), has received the prestigious "The Best Innovation" award at the 3rd Lightweight Conference organized by Seres on 20 October 2023. This recognition was granted to VAMA, ArcelorMittal's joint venture in China.

Seres, a pioneer NEV (New Energy Vehicle) manufacturer, collaborated with Huawei for this conference to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-sector integration. Drawing participation from 47 suppliers specializing in various aspects of vehicle manufacturing, including VAMA, the event showcased advanced technologies and localized solutions.

As the dedicated joint venture between Hunan Iron & Steel Group and ArcelorMittal, VAMA plays a pivotal role in providing cutting-edge steel solutions to the Chinese automotive industry. During the conference, VAMA introduced the revolutionary concept of ArcelorMittal Multi Part Integration™. This concept not only enhances lightweight solutions for improved strength and safety performance but also provides insights into the simplification, modularity, and decarbonization of NEV design. The innovative approach garnered the esteemed "The Best Innovation" award, voted on by Seres technical engineers within two weeks following the conference.

"We position VAMA as a solutions provider, transcending the role of a mere steel supplier. Our research spans beyond yield strength and crash ductility, addressing aspects such as vehicle lightweighting, safety performance, processing, and assembly. The ArcelorMittal Multi Part Integration™ concept is designed to support our customers in overcoming challenges related to vehicle performance and sustainability goals, while also simplifying the assembly process. It integrates multiple parts into a single unit, streamlining operations with the ability to be customized according to specific needs, utilizing a range of smart steel offerings like PHS and advanced technologies such as laser-welded blanks."

Jurgen Cobbaut, Chief Marketing Officer of VAMA


Sales and CTS Director of VAMA, Pedro Raiser said: “It is a great honor to be rewarded by our customers. Lingyun and Benteler have always been great partners to work with. They highly respect supplier's efforts on continuous product quality improvement as well as efficient order response, which encouraged us to invest even more to technology development and process handling, to ensure all our customers leading technology solutions and smooth supply chain with VAMA. We, together, are playing an important role for supporting automotive industry in China to upgrade their products to a new paramount with lighter, safer and less pollutants vehicles.”

Pedro Raiser highlighted the challenges confronting the Chinese automotive industry, stating, "Drawing upon the strengths of both Valin Group and ArcelorMittal, VAMA introduces cutting-edge technology to China. We deliver a leading comprehensive steel solution to the market, featuring unique AHSS and UHSS steel, along with a full range of steel capacities. We are confident that the forthcoming second generation of PHS, combined with our distinctive comprehensive steel solution, will empower our customers to excel in crash performance and overcome lightweight challenges amidst the intense industry transformation."

Looking ahead, VAMA remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting carmakers as they confront emerging challenges. VAMA is dedicated to serving as their trusted partner, contributing innovative solutions to propel the Chinese automotive industry towards creating a vibrant and sustainable automobile life for people.


For more info, visit the VAMA website

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