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19 April 2024

ArcelorMittal expands ArcelorMittal Multi Part Integration™ to Japan through partial ablation technology agreement with G-Tekt


ArcelorMittal is proud to announce the extension of its innovative ArcelorMittal Multi Part Integration™ (MPI) steel solution to Japan, marking a significant milestone in the automotive industry. This expansion comes as a result of a strategic collaboration with G-Tekt, culminating in the signing of a partial ablation license agreement.

Developed by ArcelorMittal's Global R&D teams in partnership with ArcelorMittal’s Tailored Blanks division, MPI represents a sustainable steel solution designed to simplify vehicle design and production. Specifically tailored for the manufacturing of body-in-white (BIW) structures, MPI streamlines production, reduces assembly complexity, saves weight, and shortens lead times, particularly beneficial for electric vehicles.


“The signing of this agreement represents a significant milestone for ArcelorMittal, G-Tekt, and the Japanese automotive industry. We are proud to be collaborating with G-Tekt and sign this license agreement in Japan, enabling Japanese carmakers to integrate ArcelorMittal Multi Part Integration® into the design of both global and local electric vehicles. This marks an important step in affirming steel solutions as the superior choice for enhancing the affordability of electric vehicles, while also reducing their cost, CO2 footprint, and weight."

Jean-Martin Van der Hoeven, Vice President of Global Automotive and Mobility Solutions at ArcelorMittal


G-TEKT CORPORATION is a Japanese leading tier 1 supplier of automotive body structure products, whose strong advantage is in a materialization of both weight reduction and higher mechanical strength of those products by making the best use of the architectural analysis of whole body structure of a vehicle, hot stamping and cold stamping technology.

This company additionally has decided to launch the development of large integrated body structure products by using AM patented Ablation technology and laser welding technology. This development shall contribute to achieving a sustainable society by enhancing a production efficiency for automotive manufacturers and reducing environmental impact through the streamlining of production facilities. 

At the core of ArcelorMittal's MPI process lies partial ablation, a patented technology essential for preparing hot stamping sheets for laser welding. This process ensures flawless laser welded blanks (LWB), subsequently transformed into high-strength MPI parts through hot stamping. 

The introduction of MPI parts to the Japanese market presents a transformative opportunity for local automakers. By integrating MPI into their manufacturing processes, Japanese carmakers can streamline BIW production, optimize vehicle weight, and reduce CO2 emissions, all while maintaining cost-effectiveness. 

ArcelorMittal's patented partial ablation technology, initially introduced in 2007, has gained widespread adoption among OEMs globally. By removing a thin strip of aluminum-silicon coating from press hardenable steels (PHS) before laser welding, this innovative process ensures the safety and durability of LWBs, contributing to significant advancements in lightweighting, safety and cost savings across the automotive industry.

The increasing demand for partially ablated laser welded blanks reflects the automotive industry's recognition of the benefits offered by ArcelorMittal's steel solutions and technology. This step underscores the fact that ArcelorMittal remains committed to meeting the evolving needs of carmakers worldwide through ongoing investments in advanced manufacturing capabilities. As pioneers in steel solutions, ArcelorMittal continues to drive innovation in automotive manufacturing. From the introduction of single-piece hot stamped door rings to the latest advancements of double door rings and MPI H-frames, ArcelorMittal's technologies have set new standards for safety, efficiency, and performance around the world.



Visit the G-TEKT website


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