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New electrical steel production unit in Mardyck complements St-Chély, triples ArcelorMittal capacity


Future focussed

ArcelorMittal France Nord is building a new production unit to produce electrical steels at Mardyck in northern France. When it comes onstream in 2024, Mardyck will triple ArcelorMittal’s capacity for electrical steel production. It will therefore provide customers with a vital additional production facility as the society is transitioning to more sustainable mobility and energy independence. The five new production lines at ArcelorMittal Mardyck will complement those of Saint-Chély-d’Apcher, ArcelorMittal’s existing electrical steels plant. Together the two mills will produce ArcelorMittal’s new and highly valued electrical steels for mobility and industry.

When ArcelorMittal Mardyck is fully operational, ArcelorMittal Europe will have the capacity to produce up to 300,000 tonnes of electricals steels annually. These highly specialised steels have applications in electric traction motors for electric vehicles, industrial electric motors which are deployed in many different applications as well as in renewable energy generators.

ArcelorMittal’s electrical steel customers will have a huge advantage when the investment is complete.


“We are currently working on setting up the new production lines with the final aim for the higher-end products to be available within two and a half years. The first major milestone comes by H2 2024 when the mill will already be able to supply the standard products. ArcelorMittal will be the only steelmaker in Europe to operate two primary and two finishing plants able to produce electrical steels. Customers – particularly automakers – will benefit as they have two sources of high-quality electrical steels for their applications.”

Hugues Baudin, Electrical Steels Program Director of ArcelorMittal Mardyck


Knowledge transfer underway

In the interim, Mardyck’s staff are receiving training at ArcelorMittal Saint-Chély-d’Apcher. 


“We have had exchanges with the Mardyck team for two years already. Now the project has been given the green light, that process is accelerating rapidly. Over the next two years we have plans to host around 150 people from Mardyck including operators, maintenance personnel, and engineers.

It's not all one-way traffic though. Mardyck is attached to a big ArcelorMittal finishing plant which is serving the automotive industry. Although we have an important experience in the automotive market, we take every opportunity to learn from our colleagues. The best way forward is through sound cooperation.”

Bernard Legier, Plant Director of ArcelorMittal St-Chély



Continuous investments for quality

Both mills will operate to the same standards, guaranteeing a consistent level of quality. 


“In terms of complexity, producing one tonne of electrical steel is much more demanding comparing to production of any other type of steel. ArcelorMittal will continue to invest in both mills to ensure they remain at the same level. As new electrical steel products are developed, we will take steps to ensure they can be produced at both mills to the same high standard.

The teams will share benchmarking data to make sure that both mills are producing electrical steels to the quality level customers need. CMO Electrical Sales team will also identify new products which need to be developed and commercialised.”

Bernard Legier, Plant Director of ArcelorMittal St-Chély


To ensure the mills are focussed on customer needs, the transversal services such as the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Research and Development (R&D) teams will be involved to make sure both mills anticipate the future demand.

The development of ArcelorMittal Mardyck will strengthen the expertise of the electromobility sector in France as well as serving automakers and manufacturers across Europe.


“Mardyck is a vital addition to the existing industrial base in the northern region of France. There will be three giga factories producing batteries in addition to several existing automotive plants in this area. Mardyck is particularly well positioned to supply producers in the north and east of the European Union.”

Hugues Baudin, Electrical Steels Program Director of  ArcelorMittal Mardyck



2023 events for ArcelorMittal’s electrical steels team


During 2023, ArcelorMittal’s electrical steels team will attend several fairs where you can get more information about our electrical steel offer for industry and automotive. Events already on the agenda include:

Coiltech Deutschland 2023

Augsburg , Germany

29-30 March 2023

WindEurope 2023

Copenhagen, Denmark

25-27 April 2023


Berlin, Germany

23-25 May 2023

Coiltech Italia

Pordenone, Italy

20-21 September 2023


More info on ArcelorMittal’s electrical steel offer

Watch this video to learn more about ArcelorMittal’s investment in a second electrical steels production plant in the north of France.

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