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Tailored blanks

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Laser welding feasibility analysis

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Laser welding feasibility analysis

Experts from ArcelorMittal R&D can study tailored blanks in order to provide data preparing the design study in an optimum design. These first studies are characterizations and risk removals.

Different objectives:

  • Compare performance of tailored blanks with different steel grades
  • Obtain a first feasibility assessment of a part
  • Provide data for analysis of numerical stamping simulations of a tailored blanks part

Such data are usually completed by the Forming Limit Curve of the Laser welded area.

Strong expertise in laser welding technology

The «Fiber Laser» technology gives high power (up to 8 kW) with a high beam quality.

Our knowledge covers

• C0 2 from 6 kW to 12 kW
• YAG up to 4 kW
• Fiber from de 4 kW to 6 kW
• Disk up to 8 kW
• Direct Diode up to 6 kW

The objective is an experimental evaluation of the formability of the laser welded seam; the acceptable value depends on the part severity.

Such analysis is composed of different steps:

  • Blanking quality analysis
  • Hardness measurement in the weld area
  • Weld geometry
  • 180° Bending test
  • Erichsen test
  • Tensile test
  • U-forming test
  • Forming analysis - Visio plasticity