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Video: Steel Your Environment

Watch the SteelYourEnvironment video to hear automakers, academics and steelmakers talk about steel as the automotive material of choice to reduce vehicle environmental footprint.


WorldAutoSteel has published the fourth video of their SteelYourWorld series, that is meant to inspire audiences on the benefits of Advanced High-Strength Steels for automotive. A video has been produced on each of four topics: 

This video is called "Steel Your Environment". Steel primary material manufacturing is the lowest emissions producer of all automotive structural materials and therefore can be an integral part of any OEM’s strategy to reduce vehicle environmental footprint.

Here are some quotes from the video:



Steel outperforms other materials

Primary steel manufacture emits 7 to 20 times less emisisons than any other automotive structure material.

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New automotive CO2 emissions regulation provides a unique opportunity to align regulatory practice with the state of the art in environmental product policy, launching a new era of successful environmental legislation free of major unintended consequences.

Maintaining a tailpipe-based car emission legislation is fundamentally flawed and will result in unintended consequences. The Steel industry calls on policymakers to future-proof new CO2 emissions rules by laying the foundation for life cycle thinking in the automotive sector.

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About World Auto Steel

WorldAutoSteel, the automotive group of the World Steel Association, is comprised of 21 major global steel producers from around the world.

To visit the WorldAutoSteel website, please click here.