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Video 2: Automotive technology - meeting the challenges


Automotive Worldwide videos - episode 2

In this second video episode you will learn more about ArcelorMittal's strategy to meet the key technology challenges facing the automotive industry.

Brian Aranha, Vice President Automotive Worldwide, talks you through:

  • Why and how steel will remain the material of choice for cars
  • The impact of S-in motion, ArcelorMittal's catalogue of lightweight solutions, including a few examples
  • How carmakers like Volkswagen look at steel solutions
  • Steel solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • How steel will help carmakers to reach the fuel economy standards
  • How Life Cycle Analysis favours steel

Stay tuned for more videos

  • Stay tuned for more videos about ArcelorMittal's automotive business.
  • Throughout this series of video episodes, you will learn more about various aspects of ArcelorMittal's global automotive business.

Video 1: Driving solutions around the world

In video episode 1, you can see how ArcelorMittal is reaching the growing target markets to ensure our steel solutions are available across the globe.

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