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Video 4: The power of innovation

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Automotive Worldwide videos - episode 4

In this fourth automotive video episode you will learn more about the power of innovation. Greg Ludkovsky, Vice President Global R&D and Jean-Luc Thirion, Head of Global R&D for Automotive, answer questions about:

  • How do innovative steel solutions keep you safe when driving a car?
  • How does ArcelorMittal cooperate with our automotive customers?
  • Why is ArcelorMittal a technology leader for automotive steels and steel solutions?
  • Why is hot stamping such a hot topic?
  • How exactly can steel reduce a car door's weight by 34%?
  • How can we reduce the weight an average pick-up truck by 23% with current steel solutions?
  • How do crash test simulations look like?
  • How is ArcelorMittal transforming the car of tomorrow, today?
  • Where are the limits of steel product development?

Watch this video episode to find the answers to these and other questions.

Summarising this video in a few quotes:

  • "Every day we are doing things that seemed impossible only yesterday."
    Greg Ludkovsky - Vice President Global R&D
  • "In 2013, carmakers used 500 kilotonnes of hot stamping products worldwide. Our forecast for 2020 is that this figure will reach 2.5 million tonnes in the world."
    Jean-Luc Thirion - Head of Automotive R&D
  • "The fact that we can do test simulations here, allows us to propose and test many different solutions without having to do actual crash tests, which are both very expensive and time-consuming."
    Dan Hasenpouth, Global R&D Montataire
  • "For pick-up trucks, we have just completed a major piece of activity similar to S-in motion, as a result of which we convincingly demonstrated our ability to remove 23% of weight for this type of vehicle."
    Greg Ludkovsky - Vice President Global R&D

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