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Laser welded blanks for hot stamping


Laser Welded Blanks and Hot Stamping: a winning combination

For the last few years due to government-mandated crash regulations and the auto industry's increased focus on vehicle weight reduction, ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks has developed hot stamped laser welded blanks which combine the benefits of laser welding technology with the high performance of hot stamped steel. These new applications can often be stamped as one part instead of the multiple parts which are usually required.


By using Usibor® 1500 and Ductibor® 500, the weight of the parts can be significantly reduced and optimal performance in crash behavior achieved.

The unique aluminum silicon (AlSi) coating allows for a simplified hot stamping process with no scale, no surface decarburization without protection gas, and good corrosion properties on the final product.


Hot stamped laser welded blanks have now been adopted by most major car manufacturers and multiple applications have gone in serial production

Usibor® 1500 and Ductibor® 500, two grades with complementary properties (strength vs. formability), are the key drivers pushing the need for advanced laser welded blanks in safety-critical body-in-white structural components.

LWB Usibor® 1500 - Ductibor® 500

Anti-intrusion and Energy absorption

LWB Usibor® 1500 - Usibor® 1500

Anti-intrusion and Load transfer

An innovative solution developed by ArcelorMittal’s world-class Research and Development optimizing weight, costs in combination with enhanced crash performance is the Door Ring.

The advantage of this lightweight concept is the stamping in 1 part instead of 4 necessitating only one stamping tool. Thus only one stamping operation is needed and no post assembly operations are needed.


Other advantages of the Door Ring are the hot stamping geometry accuracy, the optimized thickness distribution and the laser weld continuous links meaning no overlap between parts.


The laser ablation process on the picture here below is an innovative process which has won the 2014 PACE award in the Manufacturing Process and Capital Equipment category

ArcelorMittal has patented a process called laser ablation to efficiently weld Usibor® 1500 AS by ablating the weld edges in order to remove the aluminium silicon coating before the welding operation, while ensuring a high weld quality and preserving corrosion resistance around the welded area.

Thanks to this ablation process, ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks can deliver high quality welded blanks in Usibor® 1500 AS that will enable its customers to further reduce weight and improve crash resistance.

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